08th Jun 2014

לשבת לעוף | תערוכת צילומים של חובב נוריאל

הי לכולם, באתי להזכיר שתערוכת הצילומים שלי ממשיכה להציג עד סוף חודש יוני אצל הבר-קיימא. מי שלא מכיר את המקום המדהים הזה, שיפרגן לעצמו בחצי שעה של כיף ועיניין ויגיע להתרשם ממקור...

14th Dec 2013

Winter days [late 2013]

Today i walked along the yarkon river (Ramat Gan area) i love to see how calmly animals are enjoying this weather Those are winter days in the middle east

29th Sep 2013

My trip in Jordan

My trip in Jordan lasted almost a week- i started taking pictures after the third day. i specially liked the colors of the Jordanian desert and the view underwater which...

03rd May 2013

רכס החוף האחרון בתל אביב | The last beach ridge in Tel Aviv

רכס החוף האחרון בתל אביב היא פיסת הטבע האמיתית האחרונה שנשארה לעיר הזו, יש לשמור עליה מכל משמר מכל תוכנית, ומכל חניון שראש העירייה מנסה להמטיר על תושבי העיר. The...

28th Mar 2013

The back yard of my new home

The back yard of my new home is located in Ramat Gan, Israel here are some photos i shot today March, 28 2013 did i say already that’s near my new...

30th Nov 2012

Upnorth | Photoset from northern Israel

Today in northern Israel amazing sunset North of Israel (near Tamrat, Israel) Late Nov. 2012

27th Oct 2012


Brotherhood along the annapurna circuit trek

26th Oct 2012
nepali girl

Nepali Girl

Nepali girl along the circuit annapurna trek

25th Sep 2012

Works i like #2

Rock Hyrax sits in Ein Gedi nature reserve in Israel More photos from Ein Gedi nature reserve can be viewed here Another beutiful nature reserve is Ein Prat (Wadi Qelt)-...

04th Aug 2012
Acorn in Mount Carmel, North Israel

Mount Carmel

Some Photos i took in mount Carmel, in north of Israel few years ago

01st Aug 2012

Ein Prat- Aug. 1st 2012 :))

One of the most amazing places in Israel -We must keep it clean!! Please sign the petition !! (and pass the word) other photos of the amazing nature reserve Ein Prat...

27th Apr 2012

Independence day twenty twelve

17th Apr 2012

Heron in the city (in the morning)

another photo of Heron can be viewed here

15th Sep 2011

another Qelti gallery

מוקדש לך מ. Another photos of Blackstart can be viewed here More photos of Dragonfly can be viewd in My Dragonfly Collection  Other photos of the amazing nature reserve Ein...

13th Jul 2011

Tel Aviv Skyline

Israeli aircraft showing their flying ability in Israel Independent day of 2010- This photo was taken next to one of Tel Aviv beach (the Mediterranean Sea)

27th Jun 2011


19th Jun 2011

Wadi Qelt (Prat Springs)

other photos of the amazing nature reserve Ein Prat (Wadi Qelt)can be viewed here, here, here and here

19th Jun 2011

Nepali morning

03rd Jun 2011

The Sea of Galilee

29th May 2011

open space

28th May 2011


27th May 2011

Beach Volleyball Israel

26th May 2011

The Sea

26th May 2011


26th May 2011

Sea Bench

26th May 2011


02nd Aug 2014

Environmentalist Cats

Environmentalist Cats in our new place

15th Apr 2014

Friday PhotoSet

That was my last Friday, a great day for moving along, a great day for singing a song please sign join this important FB page for saving the last Tel...

16th Aug 2013

Friday Sunset In Tel Aviv Port

Some photos i took today in Tel Aviv port, on the menu an amazing sunset and such cute kids walking around – i really like this photo-set

22nd Jun 2013

The Yarkon River (the first day of summer ’13)

The Yarkon River is a nice location for taking shots of animals near your home base i spotted today: Hoopoe, Jackal, Pied Kingfisher, Heron, some fish, some ducks, crows, turtle dove, some turtles,...

16th May 2013

My childhood valley: Pisgat Zeev

Pisgat Zeev is the neighborhood where i grew up, it’s located in the northern part of Jerusalem. There is a very nice valley near my family home it’s a piece of...

29th Mar 2013


את זה,  זה זה החום. היא הצביעה לעבר המדף העליון בו היו מונחים זה לצד זה בכפיפה משפחת תיקי עור בגווני חום בהיר נוטה לאזורי הכתומים. הוא הביט לעברה, תמה,...