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New Life to Mazor monkeys

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Dear Mr. Ze’ev Elkin, Israeli Minister of Environmental Protection,

I would like to express my support and join to the demand made by Monkey Rescue, a public-benefit company, requiring the Israeli government to fulfill its commitment to transfer the Mazor farm monkeys to a permanent sanctuary and treat them in welfare for the rest of their lives. I strictly condemn the renunciation of the Israeli Ministry of Environmental Protection for its ethical and legal obligation to take care and protect the wildlife under its responsibility, which includes the 1,250 Mazor farm surviving monkeys and its intent to abandon them to a harsh fate of starvation and negligence.

It goes without saying that a philanthropic organization such as Monkey Rescue can not and should not bear such immense costs forever, costs that should be imposed on the very government that for years authorized the cruel and unnecessary trade of Mazor monkeys to laboratories worldwide.
I expect and demand that the Israeli Ministries of Environmental Protection and Finance do not to abandon Mazor survivors. The Government of Israel must take immediate responsibility of these monkeys, move them to a funded permanent sanctuary and provide for them for the rest of their lives without delay.


CC: Moshe Kahlon, Minister of Finance | Benjamin Netanyahu, Prime Minister | Israel Danziger, General Manager of Environment Ministry | Izhak Ben David, Senior Vice for Supervision and Enforcement | Gali Davidson, Department Head for Animal Protection | Shaul Goldstein, General Manager, INPA | Monkey Rescue, Public-Benefit Company


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The story in short:

Two years ago, after a long international public campaign, you saved the 1,250 Mazor farm monkeys in Israel from a fate worse than death, being shipped to experiments in laboratories worldwide.
We were able to redeem and rescue them through donation funds. Now those monkeys are again in danger – this time, from the hands of the Government of Israel itself.

The Ministry of Environmental Protection has promised us back then that when we redeem the monkeys, that it will finance and build a sanctuary for them and take care of them for the rest of their lives.

THAT PROMISE HAS BEEN BROKEN. Since two years now we have been constantly cut off and ignored. It is obvious that the ministry’s aim is to get rid of the monkeys and thereby eliminate the “problem”, literally.

Meanwhile, we at Monkey Rescue have ran out of money. The funds that were supposed to be used for helping building the shelter have been used to take care of the monkeys during those two years, and as of next month (January) will not be able to feed them!

We have filed an urgent petition to the supreme court and the matter is still under discussion.

In the meantime, please call and write the Minister NOW and demand him to take immediate responsibility of Mazor monkeys.

Fighting for every monkey!

32 thoughts on “Israeli Minister of Environmental Protection- Save Mazor Monkeys now”

  1. Help these monkeys or we are coming to your house, your children’s schools, your place of worship. You will get no rest, we will be relentless in our prrsuit of your personal misery.

  2. I’m not surprised at all that the Israeli government went back on their promise! That’s one of the lousy things that they do so well.

  3. Does it STILL help to get more signatures? Is the goal to get only 3000 signatures? Please let e know and I will network to get the other 100 signatures.

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