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Winter days [late 2013]

Today i walked along the Yarkon river (Ramat Gan area)
i love to see how calmly animals are enjoying this weather 馃檪

Those are winter days in the middle east

My trip in Jordan

My trip in Jordan lasted almost a week- i started taking pictures after the third day.

i specially liked the colors of the Jordanian desert and the view underwater which i couldn’t capture with my cam (which is not waterproof), but it indeed motivate me to get my hands on an underwater solution 馃檪

The Yarkon River (the first day of summer ’13)

The Yarkon River is a nice location for taking shots of animals near your home base 馃檪
i spotted today:聽Hoopoe,聽Jackal,聽Pied Kingfisher, Heron, some fish, some ducks, crows, turtle dove, some turtles, Vinous-breasted Myna,聽Rose-ringed Parakeet,聽Laughing Dove and my lovely Zoe <3

My childhood valley: Pisgat Zeev

Pisgat Zeev is the neighborhood where i grew up, it’s located in the northern part of Jerusalem.

There is a very nice valley聽near my family home

it’s a piece of nature in the middle of a dense populated neighborhood, i love it and I hope聽no one is going to build there

Yarkon River | Wildlife Tour

Yarkon River | Wildlife Tour is the best tour i have ever been so close to my place

I spent today outdoors, I聽traveled聽along side the Yarkon River- there is indeed nice sites in Tel Aviv, but you have to look for them carefully (and quietly making sure not to disturb them too much)

转谉 讝讛讜讘 /聽 Golden Jackal /聽 Canis aureus syriacus
谞讜讟专讬讬讛聽/聽 Coypu /聽 Myocastor coypus
讚讜讻讬驻转聽 /聽 Hoopoe聽 /聽 Upupa epops
讗谞驻讛 讗驻讜专讛 /聽 Grey heron聽 /聽 Ardea Cinerea
讘专讜讜讝 诪讜住拽讜讘讬 /聽 Muscovy Duck /聽 Cairina moschata
住讜驻讬转 聽/ Common Moorhen 聽/ Gallinula chloropus

i will keep updating more info on the rest once i will have the accurate names