I’ve planned and designed how I believe a clubhouse-like environment for Spotify can be, check it out

Designing Clubhouse for Spotify

The task was to describe and design flow to accommodate a clubhouse-like environment for the Spotify app.

  1. I wanted to allow hosts a way to feature the event’s members in the session itself, as I recognize that inspire artists would like to showcase their talents in this type of supportive environment.

  2. another aspect is a chat-based panel to host the ongoing event discussion. 

Project Background

  • Clubhouse allows users to participate in audio-based events.
  • The scope was showing flow and suggested features for this kind of environment.

    3. I found it’s very important to showcase the event agenda, so members that joined the event in the middle won’t be lost and will know what is planned ahead.

There is a major importance in making sure all is being hosted in an easy seamless user experience that promotes user engagement and in general spreads good vibes both for the hosts and the active audience. 

Personas, use cases, and layout

Who are the personas

  • Artist showcase their work (and monetize users listening habits)
  • Fans are attracted to their favorite artist pages and check out their content, some past content (early songs release and more recent ones)

What are the use cases

  • Artists talk about their work, it can be an open discussion on a specific song, album, or any other topic.
  • Fans can share their cover versions on one of the artist songs, and get an immediate reaction from their favorite artist, in addition from other members (fans) that share the same taste in music as they do.
  • Events can be planned ahead and promoted as an ad after a user completed listening to predefined music tracks by an artist. (the same trigger can be album release anniversary, special day songs (4th of July songs, memorial day songs, birthday songs, etc.)

Which zones the layout should support

  • The Host zone should highlight the topic of this session and the hosts (usually the artist – or someone that created this session (for example David Bowie fans club manager holding a tribute event to honor the artist’s birthday).
    This area will cover the topics of this session and might also contain some guidance, and related content (playlist for example) for this event.
  • Spotlight zone will consist of either speaking speakers right now, and might also play some video/audio content.
  • The discussion zone will be a repository of questions, requests, or anything else fans wish to contribute to the event (basically a message board for this event), fans can vote (up/down) for each message items so it will be ranked higher in the board- event hosts can ‘star’ a message from a member and so the member can actively join their activity (microphone/camera) to the spotlight zone.
  • Members zone will hold the various users’ avatars that participate in this event, and an event member can add their friends to join the ongoing event.


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