My MarketPlace

This project had one main challenge: creating a marketplace that is both user-friendly and informative, providing all relevant information without hindering the purchase process.

The client’s offering had a lot of variables and T&Cs to list clearly for their customers, while keeping the screens comprehensive enough for end-users to navigate them easily and complete the checkout.

As a UX Designer, I was able to provide a detailed plan for the customer purchase journey and how to optimize it. My primary concern was ensuring the end users have a clear understanding of their stage in the purchase process from start to finish.

Project Background

  • Web app-based marketplace platform that wishes to present various products with purchase plans, technical conditions, and limitations.
  • Goal was to balance between technical needs to include lots of information in an easy going, seamless way.

Purchase Flow

In other words:

How to show your goods, when there are many variables in the purchase process.

Now designed

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